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STIRRINGS 166 now out...

ONE DAY WE'LL TAKE the plunge and actually put a melodeon on the front cover of Stirrings. In the meantime, we've done the next best thing and put a melodeon player on instead. Great journeys begin with small steps...

OLLIE KING is one of the new generation of melodeon wizards who are persuading people that the melodeon is a thing of subtlety and beauty. In this issue Ollie reveals his musical history, his current bellows-squeezing activities and his lasting love for the humble Hohner.

ELSEWHERE, Sol Loreto-Martin gives us the gen on the recently-launched Diverse Songs Project. which explores why the folk song repertoire is overwhelmingly white and heterosexual, and what can be done to make it more...well, diverse. And Clare Button reminds us that folk song doesn't exist in splendid isolation but draws upon all manner of genres, styles and idioms—something the folk song revival has often failed to acknowledge. And of course you get your usual generous helpings of listings, news, reviews and scurrilous gossip. And still only £2. How do we do it?






We're living in the white heat of the CD revolution. Nowadays the facilities to record and market a CD are available to almost everyone, and CDs are becoming as common on the folk scene as roadkill on a B-road, though usually they smell better. Well, you've made one—the next step is to get it reviewed on folk-flavoured websites and in magazines like this one. So what do you need to do to get your CD (or DVD, or book—we cover those too) reviewed in Stirrings? Step one is to send a copy to the editor, and include with it a press release or other information so that we know something about you and where readers can buy copies. That's it, really. There is no Step two. Our Reviews section gets bigger with each successive issue, so what we can't fit into the paper version of the magazine we'll carry in the Reviews Extra section here on the website.


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